Official Chance Or Chug Rules

  • 3 to 10 Players
  • Ages 21+

To be the players without the deck at the end of the game.

Game Set Up
  1. Unfold the game board, and place it on the playing surface.
  2. Attach the spinner. Take the spinner apart and put the rounded part under the board and into the center cut-out. Then attach the arrow portion to the bottom piece above the board and spin to ensure it is secure!
  3. Unbox the cards.
  4. Read "How to Play
  5. Have fun, be safe, and get chuggin’!
How To Play

Note: Must be 21 years of age or older to play.

  • The players make a circle around the board. Choose someone to start as the dealer. The dealer begins with the player to their left and asks what they think the top card on the deck is. The player has two chances to guess the card correctly.
  • If the player guesses correctly, the dealer chugs. If the player guesses incorrectly, the player chugs.
  • If the top card is a "Spin" card, the player must spin the wheel and accept the consequences (explained below).


The top card is a Jack, and the player picks a 7. The dealer says "higher," and then the player has one more chance to guess the card correctly. After the second guess, the dealer reveals the top card and places it on the game board that corresponds with the card (Jack = J).

The dealer then moves onto the next person in the circle until three players guess incorrectly. Then the dealer passes the deck to the player on their left, and they become the new dealer. If any player guesses the card correctly before three in a row, the dealer must start over at zero.

The CHANCE of this game is avoiding the Ace card. If the card revealed is an Ace, the deck moves to the player who guessed incorrectly and is now the new dealer. If the player picks the Ace correctly, the dealer keeps the deck.

Joker Cards - The Joker Cards are not used in Chance or Chug. You can make a rule before the game with them if you wish. They are included to be used if you decided to play a different game where jokers are needed. 

How To Win

To not be the dealer. When the deck is gone, the game is over. Whoever is the dealer at the end is considered THE ULTIMATE LOSER. The loser must drink an entire beverage of the other player's choice.

Wheel Components

Player Chug: The player chugs the number on the board.

Dealer Chug: The dealer chugs the number on the board.

Make a Rule: The player picks a rule every player must follow. If someone does not follow the rule, they must take an extra drink. The rules do not expire, even if another ‘Make a Rule’ is spun again. (Ex: "Only drink with your left hand")

Finish Your Drink: The player has to finish their drink.

Choose Someone To Drink: The player chooses another player to drink.

Take a Shot: The player takes a shot.

Take a Shot With Someone: The player chooses another player to take a shot with them.

Free Space: The player does not have to drink for this turn.